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I became aware of the power of personal branding more than a year ago. Not to say I wasn’t  aware of the value of having a good reputation and developing the attributes associated with it.  Most of us are well versed in this area having been indoctrinated into the practice at a young age.  What caught my attention was a few of my connections had taken their reputation a step further by creating a personal brand that made their reputation work harder for them.  The benefits were significant.

Regardless of where we are located, what our current occupation is or the groups we are currently active in, there is value in branding ourselves.  And the best part… the value found in personal branding pays dividends to you and those around you.

Some of my ‘aha’ moments came from a light-hearted office competition, to see who could reach 500 LinkedIn contacts first.  My old school way of thinking was that my super connected SVP, having been in the business longer than I have been alive, would quickly win.  He did.  But what I learned through the process has forever changed how I see networking, advertising and marketing being used in today’s socially connected world.

Today, it’s just as important to brand yourself as it is for Coke, Pepsi or any super star.  Here are 6 reasons to work on your personal branding: 

  1. Your employer, staff, colleagues and group associates will perceive you as having more value professionally and personally
  2. Personal branding is like hanging an Open for Business sign on your door.  It lets others know you exist and your services/resources are open to them

Note:  This goes beyond saying you work for XYZ company, it’s about YOU and what you do for your profession or group

3.  People remember you faster and more frequently by topic association and how you make them feel

Example:  Think of who you would go to for financial advice.  Did you notice a category > feeling process?  Did you skip over someone that may have equal ability for the one that had the ability plus a more positive feeling result?

4.  Personal branding opens doors and creates opportunities that might not otherwise come your way

Observation:  People who have developed a personal brand are more likely to survive personnel cuts.  In the same token they are also more likely to leave an employer for other opportunities

5.  You become a sought after networking resource

6.  Today, marketing and advertising strategies are increasingly dependent upon people just like you to share information and products you find of value

Please share how you have found value in personal branding and/or any questions.

(In the next blog we will share tips on how to build your personal brand and a few resources.)